26. March 1999.

The village of Landovica/Landovicë is located eight kilometres northwest of the city of Prizren, on the Prizren - Đakovica/Gjakovë road. On March 26th, 1999 members of Serb forces killed 17 Kosovo Albanian civilians in the village.

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Two soldiers and one KLA member were killed in an armed clash involving the KLA and four soldiers of the 549th MtBr around 10:00 on March 26th, 1999.

During 2002, Božidar Delić gave a statement to the FRY Commission for Cooperation with the ICTY in which he described the events in Landovica/Landovicë on March 26th, 1999. His statement notes that after receiving the news about the armed clash in the village, at around 10:30, he ‘ordered … the engagement of reserve forces from one platoon, that Major Paravinja separate a part of the forces from the blockade, and that Commander of Combat group 1 and that Major Nikolić, send one tank. Until backup units arrived, elements of the 122 mm Battery unit, located at the Landovica hill fought with the terrorists’

In the "Analysis of the operations of the 549 mtbr on the destruction of the STF in the broader area of Retimlje and the unblocking of the Suva Reka-Orahovac" of 30 March 1999 it was noted that "while they were making attempts to pull out, a group of the STF opened fire from the village of Landovica and it was not the case before that that the STS were engaged in operations from that village. Once the STS were routed and this area was taken, some small, dispersed groups were found the valleys.”