22. September 1998.

The village of Ošljane/Oshlan is located in the Municipality of Vučitrn/Vushtrri, about 12 kilometers south of Kosovska Mitrovica/Mitrovicë and about 10 kilometres west of the city of Vučitrn/Vushtrri. The village is located by the Čičavica Mountain. Between September 22nd and 24th 1998, Serbian forces killed 9 Kosovo Albanian civilians.

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Yugoslav Army (YA) documents marked “Strictly Confidential” point to the engagement of the 125th MtBr in operations that took place between September 22nd and 24th 1998 in the area of the Čičavica Mountain and specifically in Ošljane/Oshlan at the time the crimes were committed.

According to the Priština Corps Order, the 4th Combat Group of the 125th MtBr was engaged in Ošljane/Oshlan between September 22nd and 24th 1998, and, along with with MUP forces, executed the operation in Čičavica. “The Order to Support MUP Forces in Destroying STF [Sabotage and Terrorist Forces] in the General Čičavica Sector“ was issued by the Priština Corps Command on September 19th, 1998 as follows:

“to engage the 125th MtBr to support MUP forces in destroying STF. BG-125-4 [4th Combat Group of 125th MtBr] with the task: to support attack by the 5th Detachment of the SPU and the Kosovska Mitrovica company of the SPU. Rout the STF in the Okraštica, Pantina and Štitarica sectors; use the main forces to rout the STF and overcome the villages of Ošljane, Balince, Jezero and Taradža. Support the SPU in breaking up and destroying STF on Mt. Čičavica, preventing them from falling back to the Sitnica River”.

The presence of the 4th Combat Group of the 125th MtBr in Ošljane/Oshlan between September 22nd and 24th 1998 was also confirmed by a later analysis of the combat operations undertaken by the 4th Combat Group of the 125th MtBr (CG-4). The following was written by the Commander of CG-4 to the 125th MtBr Command “Analysis of Combat Operations”issued on September 23rd 1998:

“At 0800 hours, artillery preparation began for an attack on the village of Ošljane, the school. 82mm mortars fired deep into the area of Šutka mahala. The auxiliary forces of CG-4, consisting of three platoons of special police units…occupied the village of Taradža and TT point 746, and organized a firing position there, controlling Čičavica, Suvo Brdo-Čečen-Galica-Taradža-Ošljane-Balince jezgro, with MUP units providing support.”