23. September 1998.

The village of Dubovac/Duboc is located in the Municipality of Vučitrn/Vushtrri, about 20 km south of Kosovska Mitrovica/Mitrovicë and about 11 km southwest of the town of Vučitrn/Vushtrri. The village is located by the Čičavica Mountain. Between September 23 rd and 24 th 1998, Serbian forces killed 14 Kosovo Albanian civilians.

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Yugoslav Army (YA) documents marked “Strictly Confidential” concerning an operation undertaken between September 23rd and 24th 1998, in the area of Čičavica Mountain point to the involvement of the 125th motorized brigade (MtBr) in this operation and its presence in Dubovac/Duboc. The documents of the 125th MtBr undoubtedly indicate that the Brigade Command had at least been aware of the execution of 13 men close to Dubovac/Duboc.

According to the Priština Corps Order on the conduct of the operation at Čičavica, the 1st Combat Group of 125th MtBr was engaged in Dubovac/Duboc between 23rd and 24th September 1998, alongside MUP forces. The “Order to Support MUP Forces in Breaking Up STF in the general Čičavica Sector” issued by the Command of the Priština Corps on September 19th 1998 stated as follows:

“to engage the 125th MtBr to support MUP forces in crushing the STF. BG-125-1 [1st Combat Group of the 125th MtBr]: use the main forces along the Srbica Dubovac village axis and auxiliary forces on the Kosanić-Ljubovac axis. TASK: to support the attack by the 3rd Detachment of the SPU, the SOU [Special Operations Unit] and the Peć SPU company. Rout the STF in the Donje and Gornje Prekaze sector, from where you will continue the attack and take the villages Mikušnica, Ljubovac and Dubovac.”

The presence of the 4th Combat Group of the 125th MtBr in Dubovac/Duboc between September 22nd and 24th 1998 was confirmed by the later analysis of the combat operations undertaken. In the “Analysis of Performed Combat Operations” sent by the Command of Combat Group 4 of the 125th MtBr for September 24th, 1998, to the Command of 125th MtBr on September 25th 1998, stated the following:

“From the regroupment line in the area of the village of Brusnik, part of CG-4 was attached to the MUP unit from Belgrade, which positioned itself along the line of the blockade in the area of the village of Kolo, border right command Vučitrn – Brusnik – Dubovac, border right Resnik, - Vrnica and with one 82mm mortar squad, a 90mm self-propelled gun, and one armoured combat vehicle took up a position at the intersection of the Vrnica – Kolo roads and controlled the blockade in that direction.”

It was stated in the aforementioned analysis that soldiers of the 4th Combat Group of the 125th MtBr killed 12 “terrorists” on September 24th, 1998:

“The unit on the left flank drove back the sabotage terrorist forces. The vanguard units, moving across the summit of Čičevica, encountered resistance from the terrorists in the area of TT point 868, where one terrorist was killed, in the area of Elevation 958, where two terrorists were killed, and in the area of Elevation 906 (intersection of cart tracks), where another 12 terrorists were liquidated.”

According to HLC information on human losses during the Kosovo conflict, in the area of Dubovac/Duboc, on September 24th 1998, there were no recorded casualties of KLA soldiers. The only group of men killed on September 24th, 1998 in the area of Dubovac/Duboc was the group of civilian men who fled from the Serbian forces in the direction of Kožica/Kozhice and hid in the forest.

Between September 22nd and 24th 1998, a total of 11 KLA soldiers died on the territory of the entire Municipality of Vučitrn/Vushtrri.