Krushё e Vogёl

25. March 1999.

The village of Mala Kruša/Krushё e Vogёl is located in the southern part of the municipality of Orahovac/Rahovec. The members of Serbian forces killed 115 Kosovo Albanian civilian between March 25 th and 27 th 1999.

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The Joint Command for Kosovo and Metohija issued the ‘Order to provide assistance to the MUP in crushing and destroying STS in the Orahovac, Suva Reka, and V. Kruša areas’ to the units of the Priština Corps on March 23rd, 1999 in which the 549th MtBr was tasked to ‘crush and destroy STS in the area of the villages Celina, Velika Kruša, Mala Kruša, Pirane, Zojić, and Medvedce”.

On the basis of this order from the Joint Command, the Commander of the 549th MtBr, Božidar Delić issued the ‘Order on destroying STS in general area of the village of Retimlje, lifting the blockade of the Suva Reka-Orahovac road and establishing control of the territory’ on March 23rd, 1999. In the order he issued an assignment to Combat Group 1 to cooperate with the 37th Detachment of the Special Police Units and two platoons of MUP forces ‘to energetically attack and destroy major individual targets using hardware to overpower and destroy the STS in Mala Kruša, take control of the wine cellar and move on to tt.382, and to destroy STS in the village of Pirane and the village of Zojić”.

In his testimony in the Milutinović et al. case, Delić denied that his troops had entered the village of Mala Kruša/Krushё e Vogёl on March 25th, 1999 saying that this village was not on the route taken by his troops. However, he did accept that MUP units passed through the village and unknown persons had opened fire at the police. He stated that on March 26th, 1999 he was located some five or six kilometres away from Mala Kruša /Krushё e Vogёl, but he denied that he had heard that 105 Kosovo Albanians had been killed there on that day. The ‘Analysis of the operation of the 549th MtBr on destroying STS in the general area of Retimlje and lifting of the blockade on the Suva Reka-Orahovac road’ from March 30th, 1999 signed by Delić, among others states: ‘The forces of Combat Group 1, in a planned manner, took hold of the line: village of Zojić, village of Pirane, 400 metres to the north, and from Mala Kruša made a breakthrough up to the key facilities in front of Randubrava”.