30. April 1999.

On 1 May 1999, members of the Serbian forces killed 136 Kosovo Albanian men in Te Shavarinat - mining pits in the village of Staro Cikatovo/Çikatovё e Vjetёr.

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On March 22, 1999, the Joint Command for Kosovo and Metohija, issued an order on the destruction of ‘STF’ [Shiptar terrorist forces] in the region of Donja Drenica. The Yugoslav Army [YA] forces which participated in the attack in the municipality of Srbica/Skënderaj were the 37th and the 125th Motorized Brigades. The operation involved seven Special Police Forces (PJP) companies, of which two were in direct communication with the 37th mtbr. 

The initial command post was in Srbica/Skënderaj, and then in the village of Cikatovo/Çikatovë.

On April 30, 1999, between 06.00 and 18.00 hrs. between the Cicavica mountain and the Srbica/Skënderaj-Glogovac/Gllogoc road, where the villages of Baks, Vrbovac/Vërboc, Dosevac/Dashec, Stutica/Shtuticë, Staro Cikatovo/e Čikato Vjetër, Cirez/Qirez are located, an operation designed to break up and destroy the ‘STF’ was carried out. According to a report on the implementation of this operation, signed by the commander of 37th mtbr. Colonel Ljubisa Dikovic, 148 members of the ‘STF’ were killed and 172 persons detained.