Lubizhdё e Hasit

01. April 1999.

The village of Ljubižda Has/Lubizhdё e Hasit is located in the northwest of the municipality of Prizren.During the month of April 1999, members of Serb forces killed 15 Kosovo Albanian civilians in the village and took another 38 to an unknown destination, after which 31 of them were found dead and seven are still registered as missing. 

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The War diary of the 549th MtBr for April 11th, 1999 contains the following statement: ‘There is information that some 20 terrorists are located in the village of Ljubižde Has’.

The Intelligence Report from April 14th, 1999, sent by Božidar Delić as the Commander of the 549th MtBr to the Priština Corps, contains the following statement: ‘Intelligence units reported that in the area of the village of Ljubižda Has a group of armed men was spotted, namely a group of 10 to 15 individuals. They were holding villagers, women, children and elderly, as hostages. On April 13th, the terrain was searched and approximately 100 people were found in the village’.