27. April 1999.

Ramoc is situated 15 kilometres north-west from Gjakove/Đakovica. On 27 and 28 April 1999, during Operation "Reka", five civilians were killed by members of Serbian forces in Ramoc.

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The 52nd Battalion of the Military Police operated in Ramoc on 27 April 1999. On that day, this unit was ordered to “clean” the area from Dobrosh/Dobroš to Korenicë/Korenica from Albanians.The order was issued orally by Stevo Kopanja, the Commander of the 52nd Battalion of the Military Police.

When giving evidence under protective measures before the ICTY, witness K73, a member of the 52nd Battalion of the Military Police,described how the male members of the Abazi family were separated from the rest of their family. According to this witness, it was Saša Antić, the Commander of the Special Unit of the 52nd Battalion of the Military Police, who did this. He then took the four men to Korenicë/Korenica to hand them over the following day, 28 April 1999, to the Special Police Units (PJP) commander nicknamed “Markoni”, who then handed them over to a police officer saying: “These four assholes are yours”. The police officer took the men, who had their hands tied behind their backs, to a nearby wood. A few minutes later, gunshots were heard from the woods. When the officer came back, he said to the people present: “I was so fair, I gave them a cigarette, and they were smoking and crying, aware of what was going to happen next”.

In his statement to the ICTY, Saša Antić confirmed that he had held the four Kosovo Albanian civilians and then handed them over to a PJP unit.

According to the documents belonging to the VJ 125th motorized brigade (MtBr), it is certain that this military brigade was also active in Ramoc on 27 April, even though it was not possible to ascertain which of its formations. The 125th MtBr Combat Report for 27 April 1999 states as follows: “During the day, at 08.00 hours, a column made up of Shiptar civilians was formed on the following axis: Šeremt village - Pačaj village Orize - Đakovica and further on. We believe they want to pull out from the sector of operations of our forces in the general area of the Ramoc facility”.