27. April 1999.

The village of Dobrosh/Dobroš lies 18 kilometres south-west from Gjakovë/Đakovica on the Gjakovë/Đakovica-Junik road. On 27 April 1999, two civilians were killed by members of Serbian forces in Dobrosh/Dobroš.

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The 52nd Battalion of the Military Police operated in Dobrosh/Dobroš on 27 April 1999. On that day, this unit was ordered to "clean" the area from Dobrosh/Dobroš to Korenië/Korenica from Albanians. The order was issued orally by Stevo Kopanja, the Comander of the 52nd Batallion of the Military police.

When giving evidence under protective measures before the ICTY, a member of the 52nd Batallion of the Military Police, said the first village that was "sealed" by his unit on 27 April was Dobrosh/Dobroš and that the "cleaning up" that started there continued for two days. During the first day they expelled "hundreds" of Kosovo Albanian civilians from the area and set fire to their houses.

According to the documents belonging to the VJ 125th MtBr, it is certain that this VJ brigade was also active in Ramoc on the 27 April, even though it was not possible to ascertain which of its formations.