Buk Bijela is a settlement on the construction site of a hydroelectric power plant by the River Drina, on the Brod-Miljevina road, which was transformed, in April 1992, into a local military headquarters and barracks for Bosnian Serb forces and Serb paramilitary forces. The complex in Buk Bijela consisted of workers’ barracks, which housed 200 to 300 soldiers, and a neighbouring motel. Buk Bijela was used as a temporary facility to detain and interrogate civilians – women, children and elderly men captured in various villages and surrounding forests of the Foča municipality in July 1992. Many female detainees in Buk Bijela were subjected to torture and rape, after which they were usually taken to the Foča High School Centre.

Buk Bijela was managed by Gojko Janković, deputy commander of the Army of Republika Srpska Military Police and leader of the paramilitary forces.

Buk Bijela [Krnojelac, exhibit P18]


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