Before the start of the war in BiH, the depots in Livade (eastern part of Foča) belonged to the JNA (Yugoslav People’s Army) and the then Territorial Defence. When the armed conflict began, Serbian forces took control of these depots and the weapons from there were distributed to Serbian fighters. In mid-April 1992, between 80 and 100 Bosniak men and several women and children arrested in the town of Foča were taken away and detained in the military depots in Livade. Some of the detainees came to this facility already beaten, and some of them were beaten at the depots in Livade. On 17 April 1992, all the detained men were transferred from the depots to “KP Dom”.

The commander of this detention facility was Veselin Čančar, a JNA reserve captain before the war, and from March 1992, a member of the Serbian Armed Forces.

JNA depots in Livade [Krnojelac, exhibit P18]


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